How to report Scammers and Phishers to protect your crypto

Due to the decentralized nature of crypto assets, transactions cannot be reversed; therefore lost or stolen funds cannot be recovered

While your funds are stored on the blockchain, there are numerous ways scammers can trick people into providing access to their funds or hacked their devices. For this reason, we recommend that you please stop using the hacked wallet and setup up a new wallet using these steps

We highly recommend that you read this article on how to keep your wallet secure from hack.

Phishing links capitalize on stealing your secret phrase in form of 12 words, which is a key to your wallet. By knowing the 12-word scammers are able to access your wallet and steal your crypto. Remember there are numerous ways bad actors will try to steal your secret phrase, one of them through phishing websites that ask to enter the secret phrase. 


Step-by-step guide:

  • Go to and insert the website’s URL into the field on the top right-hand side corner and press the search button

  • Go to the bottom of the page and find the Registrar abuse contact email

  • Write an email to the contact address with provided evidence or use the phone line Registrar abuse contact phone to phone the security team

  • Make sure to provide detailed explanation of the issue and submit all the necessary evidence

Template message:

Dear Security team,

I have come across a phishing website that is harmful to the community and aims to steal funds. It is used for phishing sensitive data of the users and aimed to steal funds. Moreover, it is misleading the Patented data of the service and cloned it to mislead and scam the. I would like to report the following website: ( insert the URL of the website). Please, take down the following domain activity to prevent further loss of users' funds, ASAP.

Here is all the evidence provided: Provide evidence here

Could you please report and ban the following website as soon as possible as it is harmful to society. Thank you!

Kinds Regard,

Kinds Regard,

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