Beware of Fraudsters When Using Watch-Only Wallets

Watch Wallets, allow you to monitor transaction histories, volumes, prices of tokens, and more associated with a provided address. However, they don't permit transaction capabilities. Think of them as online bank statements - they provide visibility but not transactional ability. Always remember to update your Trust Wallet to the latest version at

Concisely, here's what you can and can't do with a Watch Wallet:

✅ Monitor an address's transaction history

✅ Observe the volume and prices of tokens linked to that address

✅ Send tokens to that address

❌ Transfer funds from that address to either another wallet or an exchange like Binance

❌ Sign smart contracts

❌ Use the DApp browser

How to Import a Polygon Watching Address: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Open Trust Wallet and tap on Settings.

2. Find 'Wallets' and then tap on the '+' sign at the top-right.

3. Tap 'Polygon', or any other supported chain.

4. Input the Wallet Address on the 'Address' tab, or scan the QR Code.

5. Name the wallet for easy recognition and click 'Import'.

Scammers exploit the 'Watch-Only Wallet' feature, claiming it can be 'unlocked' by sending funds, which isn't possible. Be secure and informed; 'unlocking' a Watch Wallet is technically infeasible. 

We've updated the Watch Wallet feature with in-app designs and educational links, providing clear visibility of its capabilities and limitations. Be vigilant, stay updated, and let's secure the world of crypto together.

As depicted below, our developers have grayed out send, swap, and receive options to emphasize the wallet's viewing-only nature. If you suspect fraud, report it to local law enforcement and Please remember, once scammed, funds are irrecoverable.

This is a screenshot of a watch-only wallet. Please note that you can view balances, but executing transactions is not possible.

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