How to Stake Polkadot (DOT)

In this guide, you'll learn how to stake DOT using Trust Wallet. DOT is the native asset of Polkadot, a network designed for blockchain interoperability, scalability, and innovation. Polkadot enables different blockchains to work together seamlessly.

Covered in this guide

Key details for staking DOT using Trust Wallet

  • Minimum amount required for staking: 250 DOT
  • Lockup period for staking: 28 days
  • Staking yield (APR): Please see rates listed in the ‘Earn’ section of the Trust Wallet app.
  • Staking assets and earning rewards is done via our trusted partners. Trust Wallet does not control the minimum amount, lockup period, or staking rate.
To ensure you have DOT, as well as all other staking options available to you, be sure to get the most updated version of Trust Wallet:

How to stake DOT

  • Open Trust Wallet and select Earn.
  • Search for DOT and select it.
  • Select Stake.
  • Choose the Amount to stake.
  • Select Validators (Polkadot's best practices for staking suggest you choose multiple validators).
  • Select Continue.
  • Review the details, and then select Confirm.

How to unstake DOT

  • Go to Earn from the main wallet page, choose DOT.
  • Then choose Unstake and follow the instructions to confirm the unstaking process.
Note: You will not be able to withdraw your tokens while they are staked. If you want to withdraw your DOT, staked DOT takes 28 days to unstake. The unstake timing is controlled by the Polkadaot network, not Trust Wallet.

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum amount to stake DOT?

The minimum stake amount is 250 DOT.

When do I start receiving rewards when I stake DOT?

The time to your first reward is: When you win a reward. The chance to earn rewards is highly dependant on how much DOT you stake and network conditions.

What is the reward frequency when I stake DOT?

The chance to earn rewards is highly dependant on how much DOT you stake and network conditions.

What’s the minimum reward amount in order to claim?

There is no minimum accrued reward required to claim. When you unstake, there is a waiting period, and once the waiting period is over, you receive your original staked amount plus rewards accrued.

Are my accrued DOT staking rewards auto-compounded?


What is the lockup period when I stake DOT?

The lockup period is 28 days.

Can I use my DOT while they are staked?

No, you won’t be able to use your tokens while they are staked/locked. Before you use your DOT tokens, you’ll need to unstake them.

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