May 17, 2024 - Updates & Improvements

iOS Trust Wallet 11.5.14: Packed with Fresh Features!

Hello, Trustees! The Trust Wallet 11.5.14 update brings some exciting features to the mix. Are you ready for an improved wallet experience full of new capabilities? Let's dig into the details!

Advanced Offerings Just for You!

  • FIO Handles and ICP Support: We're expanding horizons! Now enjoy added FIO handles and become part of the new decentralized world with support for The Internet Computer (ICP).
  • UTXOs Management: Gain more control over your assets with the ability to lock or unlock UTXOs straight from your wallet.
  • Scroll Support: We've made exploring your wallet simpler with new and improved scroll support.
  • Blast Support: Break the limitations with a thrilling new feature - Blast Support!
  • Shifting Gears with WalletConnect: Time to upgrade! We're phasing out WalletConnect v1 to make way for fresher versions.
  • Power-Packed Wallet-Kit Migration: We've extended our support for TRON, NEAR, Cardano, Tezos, Stellar, and Cosmos with sending, staking, WalletConnect, and additional features!

Ready for a next-level crypto experience with Trust Wallet 11.5.14?

Join the revolution today and redefine your crypto journey! Download Trust Wallet here:

For more detailed insights about this update, visit our support page: ?

Bring on the crypto adventure!

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