How to Handle Spam or Scam NFTs

From time to time, you may find that unknown NFTs suddenly appear in your wallet. These NFTs are often what are called scam or spam NFTs, because they are design to steal your funds or lure you into an action that causes you to lose your assets.

We encourage you to not transact with these NFTs (as in do not send them to another wallet or try to sell them), as doing so could lead to a lose of funds. Always do your own research and ensure any NFT in your wallet is one that you have requested.

Trust Wallet's built in NFT spam filter

Trust Wallet has a built-in feature that automatically hides these unwanted malicious NFTs from your wallet. The feature is on by default, and is designed to keep your Web3 experience safer.

Note:  NFT spam filter does not filter unwanted NFTs on the following chains - Ronin, Moonriver

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