Best Practices for Storing Your Recovery Phrase

Your recovery phrase is the critical key to your Trust Wallet's security. It serves as your lifeline should your device be stolen, lost, or damaged, or in case you want to change your device permitting you to restore your wallet. Thus, securing your recovery phrase or private keys is paramount.

Topics covered in this guide:

- Safe storage of recovery phrase

- The importance of having multiple storage locations

- The role of a Password Manager in recovery phrase storage

- Storing your recovery phrase in note-taking apps

Storing Recovery Phrase Securely

It's essential to follow good practices when storing your recovery phrase:

Never share your secret phrase with anyone, including Trust Wallet Support. No project, exchange, or individual should ever request access to it under any circumstances 

Write it down: Note your recovery phrase on a piece of paper and place it somewhere secure. If you are after a more permanent solution than paper, you might want to check out CRYPTOTAG.


Password Manager usage: Using a Password Manager can prove to be really useful. Your recovery phrase is kept inside an encrypted database either on your device or a cloud service. Due your research! you’ll find excellent choices.

Note-taking Applications: Applications such as Notes (iOS), Samsung Notes (Android), or OneNote allow you to create password-protected notes. If you'd rather not use a Password Manager, storing your recovery phrase inside a password-protected (and encrypted) note is a viable alternative.

Screenshot of lock notes on iOS

Recovery Phrase Redundancy

Having backups of your recovery phrase in different locations is crucial. Within the app, you'll find options to create a manual backup or use iCloud or Google Cloud for your safety. Accidents can occur that may compromise one backup spot, but it's unlikely to affect the others if they're kept in distinct locations.

For the latest features, always download the most updated version of Trust Wallet: 

Securing Your Wallet

Ensuring the security of your wallet is just as vital as protecting your recovery phrase. For more comprehensive advice, consult our blog for additional tips and strategies on keeping your wallet secure  Essential Steps to Keep Your Crypto Wallet Secure

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