In-app Cross-chain Swaps Now On Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is delighted to announce its new integration with THORChain. With this update, users now can make seamless in-app cross-chain swaps without the necessity of fiat onramps or learning complex protocols. Even better, Trust Wallet charges no service fees for executing these swaps.

Covered in this guide:

- THORChain Integration

- Swaps you can perform

- How to make these swaps

Introducing Our THORChain Integration:

With the integration of THORChain, users can perform in-app cross-chain swaps involving BTC, ETH, Smart Chain BNB, and other interoperable chains. Please note, however, that the TRON network with Tether is not available for these transactions.

Available Swaps:

Alongside THORChain swaps, the Trust wallet app supports Cross-chain swaps and 1-inch swaps, allowing creature flexibility with Binance's diverse chain technologies.

Performing Swaps:

We've outlined above a guide on how to conduct various types of swaps, from BTC to ETH (cross-chain), but also consider that the option is available for BTC or ETH to BEP20 tokens involving multiple steps.

1Inch Swaps:

1Inch swaps permit users to perform interchain swaps across 8 EVM chains, which consist of Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis, and Fantom. This functionality allows you to directly swap ETH with any ERC 20 tokens right from your Trust Wallet, circumventing the need to connect to 1Inch's dApp. In addition, you can interchange BNB(BEP20) with any BEP20 token, among others. To learn more about our 1-inch integration, click here.

Trust Wallet's integration with providers like THORChain and 1inch offers users the ability to interact with blockchain quickly and easily without losing ownership or control of their assets.

For a seamless swap experience and to stay current with the latest features, ensure your Trust Wallet is updated via 





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