Troubleshooting Transaction History

The immutability of blockchain transactions is inherent to its technology; once confirmed, a transaction cannot be modified or removed. This article deep dives into the reasons behind such behavior and points out the discrepancies in Trust Wallet's transaction display.

Covered in this guide:

- Fundamentals of Blockchain Transactions

- Immutability of Blockchains

- Consequences of Transaction Confirmation

- Looking into Trust Wallet Display Discrepancies

- Using Blockchain Explorers

- Checking Your Transaction History

Blockchain Transactions - Basics:

Transactions in the blockchain space are validated by a network of nodes following a consensus mechanism. In the pool of unconfirmed transactions, known as the mempool, they await confirmation by nodes or miners.

Immutability - The Core Principle:

Once a transaction is validated and integrated into the blockchain, it can neither be modified nor deleted, ensuring a tamper-resistant ledger. Immutability, an intrinsic blockchain attribute, secures against fraudulent practices.

Implication of Transaction Confirmation:

Post confirmation, a transaction becomes part of the blockchain inside a 'block', making alterations and cancellations improbable. This immutability comes from the requirement that changing one transaction necessitates altering all subsequent blocks.

Trust Wallet Display Discrepancies:

Recently we've received reports of incoming transactions not being displayed in the Trust Wallet app, despite being visible on blockchain explorers. This discrepancy stems from the app's limitation in showing internal and multi-send transactions on BTC, TRON, ETH, and other networks. Despite not being visible on Trust Wallet, the funds have been received and are safely added to your balance (#SAFU).

Utilizing Blockchain Explorers:

We recommend verifying your transactions on public blockchain explorers, which display every transaction detail:

- Ethereum: 

- Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain: and 

- Bitcoin: 

- Tron: 

- Polygon: 

- Fantom: 

- Atom: 

- Solana 

Checking Your Transaction History:

In the Trust Wallet app, navigate to the tokens section under 'Home', select a specific token (e.g., Tether TRC20), and that will display all historical transactions and the current balance for that token.

Ensure you have the latest version of Trust Wallet to leverage all its features: visit  to obtain the newest update 

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