Troubleshooting: Unable to Connect to a dApp WalletConnect in Trust Wallet Mobile

In the world of decentralized applications (dApps), having the ability to connect via a dApp browser doesn't eliminate the necessity for careful research. If funds are misplaced due to a connection with a deceptive dApp, recovery of those assets is all but impossible, and the dApp could even drain your wallet completely. For this reason, seeking assistance from our Trust Wallet support team at is crucial if you encounter any issues.

Covered in this guide:

- Connecting To dApps

- Troubleshooting Connection Issues

- Safety Measures and Precautions

- Connecting the app to a compatible dApp.

Connecting To dApps with Trust Wallet 

- Always ensure you are up-to-date with the latest version of Trust Wallet.

- Examination of the dApp's reputation and security measures is essential before initiating connections.

- Connectivity issues could also arise due to a poor or unstable internet connection.

- Clearing the cache of your dApp Browser from time to time can enhance your browsing experience and potentially resolve some issues.

Your safety and efficiency in the realm of cryptocurrencies and dApps are of utmost importance. Remember, Trust Wallet is your reliable partner, but conducting your own research and being vigilant is equally essential.

Ensure you are using the latest features by having the most updated version of Trust Wallet:

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If you are encountering difficulties accessing a dApp through Trust Wallet, here are some steps you can follow to possibly resolve the issue:

- Verify that the dApp can be connected to Trust Wallet and that your internet connection is stable.

- Clear the cache of the DApp Browser in your Trust Wallet app. Navigate to Settings, then Preferences. Tap on Browser, then choose Clear Browser Cache.

- Clear all previous WalletConnect connections. For this, go to Settings, then select WalletConnect, choose the relevant DApp, and press Disconnect.

After these steps, close the app and reopen it. Try reconnecting to the dApp. If you are still facing trouble specifically with that dApp, the issue likely lies on their end. In such cases, consider reaching out to their support team or developers for resolution.

For the purpose of illustrating, we will connect a wallet to Jupiter dApp.

Navigate to the explore section and input the URL:

- Note that the dApp will be able to view your wallet balance and transactions.

- Once you connect, the option to swap coins will appear.

- Simply adjust the desired amount to swap.

- Approve the transaction, a sign-in screen will appear for you to grant approval.

- Once approved, the transaction process is complete.

Should you wish to remove active connections, navigate to your settings, select 'Wallet Connect', and choose 'Remove Connections'.


Ensure you are using the latest features by having the most updated version of Trust Wallet: 

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