Setting Up or Resetting a Security PIN on Trust Wallet

Remember to Backup Your Wallet Seed Phrase!

Before proceeding, keep in mind that your passcode can be reset only by reinstalling the app, which necessitates the backup of your secret phrase beforehand. Once reinstalled, import the secret phrase.

Security Highlight:

Activating the App Lock security feature prevents unauthorized app access. Have a backup of your Recovery Phrases before setting up your passcode. Be careful not to forget this passcode as it can only be bypassed by reinstalling the app, which locks after 5 incorrect attempts.

Step-by-Step Process:

1. Access Settings: Navigate to Settings and tap on Security. Next, slide the toggle for App Lock to enable it.

2. Set Passcode: Enter a desired six-digit passcode. Remember to back up your wallet before doing this as you'll need it to recover your wallet in case the passcode is forgotten. You'll be prompted to a create Passcode screen.

3. Enable Biometrics: Choose to enable either just the passcode or Passcode/Face ID for the Lock Method. If Face ID is already configured, the app will ask for your consent to use it.

Ensure your Trust Wallet version is up to date with the latest features: 

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