Staking Solana (SOL) digital assets in your Trust Wallet

Interested in making your Solana (SOL) digital assets in your Trust Wallet work for you? You can now stake SOL using Trust Wallet and earn passive income.

Here, we’ll begin to explore the essentials. The minimum stake is a mere 0.01 SOL, a balance maintained by Trust Wallet—not us. Following staking, funds are locked away only until the current epoch ends, roughly 2-4 days. As for yield? Well, the 'Earn' section of the Trust Wallet app keeps you informed of the most current rates.

What is the lockup period when I stake SOL?

Staked funds will be accessible for claim after the current epoch ends. One epoch takes approximately 2 to 4 days.

This introduction only scratches the surface. For a detailed guide, tips, and more, visit our comprehensive post on the Trust Wallet blog. What’s stopping you? Start staking SOL today: 

The APR shown in the screenshot may vary; it is provided strictly for educational purposes.

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