March 27, 2024 - Updates & Improvements

We're constantly working to improve Trust Wallet with new features, as well as fixes and enhancements. 

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Android 8.1.2

  • Enabled MEV protection to enhance transaction security and user trust.
  • Improved how the web app caches data for more efficient loading times.
  • Fixed an issue with Solana account balance, enhancing the user's accuracy of account status.
  • Integrated Amber to our platform, aiming to improve user experience.
  • Performed various backend merges to streamline our development process.
  • Improved infrastructure for Android testing to ensure a more stable, bug-free application.
  • Optimized and fixed bugs in our cryptocurrency swap feature to provide seamless transactions for users.
  • Added slippage handling to our platform, providing a more accurate and transparent trading experience.
  • Adjusted the confirmation screen to enhance the user interface and improve user understanding.
  • Provided handling for incorrect asset types, resulting in fewer errors and improved user experience.
  • Adjusted Ethereum transition settings to ensure a more streamline and reliable transaction process.
  • Deprecated outdated Wallet Connection v1 for an improved version, leading to a smoother pairing experience.
  • Updated Wallet Connection to version 1.30 for more stability and enhanced performance.
  • Improved scenarios handling for transactions not found, resulting in fewer user errors and concerns.
  • Developer assets screen added, verification for smoother integration and testing.
  • Enabled user-selected slippage persistence, allowing more personalized trading conditions.
  • Fixed provider fees and made the fee scale consistent, ensuring transparency and fairness in trading costs.
  • Improved display of transaction simulation errors, leading to better user understanding of issues encountered.
  • Fixed a couple of issues around cryptocurrency bridging, multi-routing fees, and gochain token types to refine the user experience in these areas.
  • Improved handling of the absence of Solana transactions, reducing confusion for our Solana coin users.
  • Fixed a glitch on the 'Swap' button on the asset screen, for an improved user experience.
  • Prioritized 'Swap' over 'Buy' button to streamline the user interface and enhance the trading experience.
  • Updated Wallet Connect to version 1.31.0 for more stability and enhanced performance.
  • Added MEV information, for more transparency in transaction protection status.
  • Included NFT calldata to support NFT transactions and bring new functionalities for users.
  • Fixed several issues in gas screen and asset unit mapping for a smoother user experience.

iOS 11.3

  • Added MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) protection for swaps to fortify transaction security and peace of mind.
  • Resolved some UI issues related to MEV protection on iOS, for a cleaner look and feel when transacting.
  • Successfully merged important updates for our iOS 11.2 release, ensuring a smoother in-app experience for our users.
  • Updated the app's text for clarity, making it easier than ever to navigate and understand features.
  • Fixed an issue where a Chain ID mismatch occurred during EIP712 signings, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of this process.
  • Cleared an issue that was causing Solana transactions to display as endlessly pending, now giving accurate status updates.
  • Integrated the advanced Amber tool into our system, broadening our services and enhancing user options and experiences.
  • Refined the broadcast of our Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) nodes to DAPPs, solidifying the connection and interactivity between these services.
  • Implemented a floor for gas fees on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), promoting fair costs and further transparency in our transactions.
  • Completed a comprehensive localization project, expanding our accessibility and assuring that no matter your language, you'll have a seamless experience.

Browser extension 2.9.3

  • Enhanced the testing process by adding specific IDs to network and asset components, promising an ever more reliable end product.
  • Refined the way we calculate WalletKit fees, ensuring they're populated more accurately for a fairer, transparent experience.
  • Streamlined our code by removing an unused guard, enhancing the app's performance.
  • Successfully merged critical fixes pertaining to incorrect fee population, resulting in more accurate transaction costs.
  • Advanced functionality by enabling WalletKit account selection based on the destination blockchain. This leads to more seamless, error-free transactions.
  • Improved the 'Approve Assets' process to be more intuitive, making it simpler for users to manage their digital assets.
  • Added support to fetching balances even for non-existing assets, preventing errors and confusion when dealing with less common assets.
  • Further enhanced performance by removing unused variables, keeping the app streamlined and efficient.
  • Upgraded hooks dependencies, bringing in more reliable and enhanced functionalities.
  • Merged in important fixes targeted at further improving the user experience and the app's performance stability.

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