April 12, 2024 - Updates & Improvements

We're constantly working to improve Trust Wallet with new features, as well as fixes and enhancements. 

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Trust Wallet v8.12.2 for Android

Major Improvements and New Features

  • Global Ethereum Migration: We've made a significant update to improve Ethereum transaction processes. It's now better than ever!
  • Solana Fee Priority: We’ve implemented fee priority on Solana transactions, providing you with a quicker and more effective way to manage select transactions.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Issue with Ramp Pay Resolved: Any technical glitches users were experiencing with Ramp Pay have now been fixed - smooth operations resumed.
  • Backup Verification Bug Resolved: We've addressed an issue some users may have encountered with backup verification. Rest assured, your backups are now as secure as ever.
  • Resolved Staking Issue with Pending Validators: If you were staking with pending validators, you may have encountered an issue - we've now cleared this up.
  • Updated Middleware Service: We've updated our middleware service ("WK") for better functionality and smoother user experience.
  • Resolved Analytics Issue on Buying: We've addressed a bug that was affecting the buying analytics. You can now count on more accurate representations of this data.
  • Speed Up Issue Fixed: We've fixed an issue which was hampering the speed up function - you can now boost your transactions, fuss and hassle-free.

With the Trust Wallet app update v8.12.2, you should enjoy a smoother crypto experience. We're always working on improvements and features. Make sure to keep your app updated and watch this space for more exciting developments!

Trust Wallet iOS Release 11.3

Major Improvements and New Features

  • Inscription Balances and Transfers:

    Our team has successfully integrated the ability to fetch transferable and inscription balances within the application.

  • Updated User Experience for BRC-20:

    We refined the BRC-20 transaction process with an updated send screen, enabling a more streamlined user experience.

  • Localized Error Display:

    We've improved the way we communicate glitches or errors to you by adding the capacity to present localized errors in the app.

  • Wallet Kit (WK) Updates:

    We have migrated Polkadot, Cardano and NEAR to use the Wallet Kit, enhancing its efficiency and functionalities.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Resolved Issue with Inscribe Screen:

    We've ironed out the kinks on the inscribe screen, improving the overall user experience.

  • Polishing of UI/UX Elements:

    The app received some polish to its screens and buttons to enhance user-friendliness and aesthetics.

  • Improved Inscribe Transfer Flow:

    We've made the inscribe transfer process smoother, allowing for an upgraded user experience.

  • Fixed Various Tests Based on Locale:

    Locale-based tests that were previously presenting issues have been fixed.

  • Improved Delegate Functionality:

    Users trying to re-delegate their cryptocurrencies will no longer encounter issues.

Trust Wallet Browser Extension v2.9.3

Major Improvements and New Features

  • Asset Approval Improvement:

    We've upgraded the approval process for assets, ensuring a smoother, more intuitive workflow.

  • Support for Balances of Non-Existing Assets:

    Previously, fetching balance data for assets that don't exist in your wallet was an issue. That's now been fixed – you can access balance information securely, even for non-existing assets.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Clean Codebase:

    We've removed unused variables from our codebase, ensuring cleaner code and optimal performance of the browser extension.

  • Hook Dependencies Update:

    We've updated our hook dependencies for better stability, enabling the extension to operate more fluently.

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