How to Spot and Handle Phishing Emails

The principle is straightforward: if you receive an unsolicited email, especially when you haven't contacted support and the email isn't a response from our ticketing system, then it's likely a scam. Should you need help, our support can be reached at 

Covered in this guide:

1. Identifying Phishing Emails

2. Measures Against Phishing Attempts

3. How to Report Phishing Emails

Identifying Phishing Emails

- Phishing emails often claim to be from Trust Wallet support.

- They may ask you to reveal sensitive information or transfer assets.

- Remember, Trust Wallet is software that interacts with the blockchain and doesn't require an email address to function.

Measures Against Phishing Attempts 

- All support is conducted via our ticket system - any calls or social media DMs claiming to be support are likely scams.

- Never send assets, funds, or any resources to unverified parties; scammers mainly aim at monetary extortion.

- Watch out for fake promotions, support services, websites, and projects. 

Although the internet is teeming with misleading activities, awareness and vigilance offer the best defense.

How to Report Phishing Emails

To report a phishing email:

1. Access Gmail on a computer.

2. Open the concerned message.

3. Click 'More', then select 'Report Phishing'.

For Outlook users:

1. Select 'Junk' above the reading pane.

2. Click 'Phishing', then 'Report' to report the sender.

To forward phishing emails to our support team, please create a ticket at  follow the steps to download the '.EML' file from Gmail, or use the alternative method to save the message as an '.EML' file in Notepad.

that Phishing emails can manifest in various forms, but with knowledge and a proactive approach, you can maintain a secure digital experience. Always remember, Trust Wallet's help center is there for you if you need more assistance.   


Here's a screenshot of a deceptive email, sent to one of our customers, that falsely demanded funds to unlock a wallet.

Make sure you have the latest protective features by updating the Trust Wallet: 

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